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Born in 1988 in Syria, Sargon Saadi is a freelance cinematographer based in Los Angeles. His passion for filmmaking brought him to the United States in 2006, as there was no film school in Syria at the time. He studied cinematography at Columbia College in Chicago and graduated in 2011.

Sargon has worked on numerous projects ranging from independent films and documentaries to mainstream productions, including working with the lighting deptartment in NBC's Chicago Fire and Crisis.

Cinema is not only an entertainment. As an artist, Sargon believe deeply in the role of cinema in changing societies for the better.

He has made several films in Iraq and his native Syria, committed to raising awareness about the persecution of ethnic and religious minorities.

His latest film, The Last Plight, is an award-winning documentary that was screened before the United Nations and the European Parliament.

He is currently working on a new documentary “Silence After The Storm” which is about the forgotten genocide of the Assyrian Christian minority.

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