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Sargon Saadi is a Syrian-born Assyrian cinematographer living in Los Angeles.

He graduated with a Film degree from Columbia College Chicago in 2011, and worked in the film industry ever since. 


After the turmoil in the Middle East he shifted his attention to documentaries where he made several in Turkey, Iraq, and his native, Syria, committed to raising awareness about the persecution of ethnic and religious minorities. His latest film "Silence After The Storm" got distribution on Amazon Prime, Tubi TV, and Google Play.

Sargon received several awards for his films including "Best Director" award for his work on "Silence After the Storm" at the Fine Arts Film Festival Venice, which was also nominated for "Best Short Documentary" at the International Film Fest Madrid, Spain. 

His previous film, "The Last Plight", is an award-winning documentary that was screened before the United Nations and the European Parliament, and lately received "Best Short Documentary" award at the NewFilmmakers LA Film Festival.



A screenshot from "Gilgamesh". Sargon's college thesis project which was a short film about the epic story of Gilgamesh. Set in 2500 BC, Mesopotamia.

Shot on 35mm film.

His latest project "Khabour in a Thousand Words" is a series of 23 photographs (In remembrance of Feb 23rd, 2015) showing  heart-wrenching destruction inflected upon the Assyrian villages of Khabour in Syria after ISIS invasion in 2015. 

It was exhibited in Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Washington DC, and Toronto as a concentrated effort to raise awareness about the injustice as well as to raise funds for reconstruction efforts in the homeland.


"Khabour in a Thousand Words" is a series of 23 photographs taken in Syria in 2018 showing the heart-wrenching destruction inflected upon the Assyrian villages by the terrorist ISIS invasion.

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