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The Exhibit titled "Khabour in a Thousand Words" is a heart-wrenching display of destruction inflected upon the Assyrian villages of Khabour in Syria after ISIS invasion in 2015. 

It was exhibited in Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Washington DC, and Toronto as a concentrated effort to raise awareness about the injustice as well as to raise funds for reconstruction efforts in the homeland.


Photos from the Shows

The exhibit was generously supported by multiple non-profits to make the show possible. Thanks to the Assyrian Arts Institute, Assyrian American Association of Southern California, Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation, Assyrian Cultural Organization of Arizona, Assyrian Student Association of Arizona, and Friends of Assyria group.


Learn about Khabour

Read an extensive report titled "Erasing the Legacy of Khabour: Destruction of Assyrian Cultural Heritage in the Khabour Region of Syria" prepared by the Assyrian Policy Institute

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